In my graduation design project, I explored different techniques using graphic design and illustration with the aim to raise awareness and spread knowledge about mental illness through a visual concept.
I designed a campaign consisting of posters, a brochure and an additional website. The purpose of the posters was to attract attention and raise awareness among the public by challenging the prevailing stigma via recognizable, often provocative quotes, together with strong illustration.
The brochure illustrates thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms with the purpose of sharing knowledge about worry, stress and anxiety, how it feels and how it occurs, as a first step to help people help themselves.
All text in the brochure was written by myself. The text was written based on the stories that friends, patients and psychologists shared with me during interviews.

In addition, I used academic texts to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of mental illness at large. The primary sources were: 'Panikångest & depression' by Christian Dahlström, 'Ingen panik : fri från panik- och ångestattacker i 10 steg med kognitiv beteendeterapi' by Per Carlbring & Åsa Hanell, and 'Stressad kropp' by Johan Ericsson.

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